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Neck, spine and brain injuries are always a very serious concern in the aftermath of an accident. These types of injuries can leave you paralyzed, unable to communicate verbally, or in extreme amounts of pain. In addition to the physical problems, the medical bills can begin to pile up, adding another level of stress to the situation. If you or a loved one was injured due to another’s negligence, compensation may be owed. At Henry & Beaver, LLP., we understand how stressful your daily life becomes with a severe neck, spine, or brain injury. We are here to help you file a personal injury lawsuit and continue fighting for you until the case has been resolved.

Neck Injuries

Neck injuries are common if you have been involved in a car or motorcycle accident as whiplash can cause major problems. Some of the typical neck injuries include:

  • Neck Fracture: This is when there is an actual break in the cervical bone. It is vital to have this diagnosed immediately to avoid more complications and damage to the cervical bone.
  • Neck sprain: This is when the joints and ligaments are overstretched, causing pain and stiffness in your neck.
  • Muscle strain: This occurs when a muscle has been overused or overexerted.

No matter the severity of your neck injury, you should always seek medical attention to ensure that no further damage occurs.

Spine Injuries

Spinal injuries can result in partial or complete paralysis. Depending on the location of the injury, the resulting long-term consequences can vary greatly. As with brain injuries, there are different levels of spinal injuries. They include:

  • High Cervical Nerve injuries: The high cervical nerves are located at the highest part of the spine. If these are damaged, the victim will be left without the use of his or her arms, hands, trunk, and legs. In some cases, the person will not have the ability to speak or have control over normal bodily functions. Around-the-clock personal care will be needed.
  • Low Cervical Nerve Injuries: These nerves are just below the high cervical nerves. The consequences are less severe, but still can result in the loss of arm and hand use. It is possible that the damage may be more extensive.
  • Thoracic vertebrae Injuries: The vertebrae are located in the mid-back. These injuries usually affect the lower body. This means that the upper body function should be the unimpaired.
  • Lumbar & Sacral Nerves: These nerves are located at the very bottom of the spine. The injuries will usually affect the hips and legs. Typically, a person suffering from Lumbar or Sacral nerve damage will not be able to walk.

Spinal cord injuries are serious and should be treated immediately to prevent more damage. If the injury goes untreated, it can cause serious damage that may limit the ability to walk or perform normal daily functions.

Brain Injuries

Brain injuries are no laughing matter. If you have been involved in an accident, with a car or a slip and fall where you hit your head, it is vital to seek medical attention. Brain injuries can be difficult to diagnose. Even if you believe that you are fine, consult with a doctor to ensure that there is no need for concern.

Three Levels of Brain Injuries

  • Mild traumatic brain injury: This is typically known as a concussion. A person will be dazed and confused. There may even be a short time period where the victim is unconscious. A doctor should examine the victim to ensure that the injury is not more severe than a minor concussion.
  • Moderate Traumatic Brain Injury: Generally, this injury involves physical, cognitive, and behavioral impairments. These problems can last for a few weeks to months. In some cases, the impairments may be permanent.
  • Severe traumatic brain injury: The injury is generally more obvious as there is typically a skull fracture, hemorrhages, or lacerations. Immediate medical attention is required to prevent death, although that is not always possible. After the initial medical attention, the victim may require lifelong treatment.

If you have hit your head, do not delay in seeking medical attention. Not all brain injuries are immediately obvious or show physical symptoms.

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