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Suffering from an arm, hand, wrist or shoulder injury can be very damaging. It is easy to underestimate how often you need to use your hand or arm throughout the day. If you have a broken wrist or dislocated shoulder you may not be able to work as fine motor skills may be limited, or your ability to lift heavy objects may be decreased. If you are unable to work due to such injuries, you could face financial problems in addition to the struggle to recover from your injuries.

How Do Arm, Hand, Wrist, and Shoulder Injuries Happen?

There are many causes of hand, arm, and shoulder injuries. They can include but are not limited to:

These types of injuries usually result from the hand or arm being pinched, crushed, caught, or bent in an unusual fashion.

Common Injuries

The most common type of injury to a hand, wrist, or arm is fracture or a break. This typically occurs when the bone is struck with a sudden and extreme force. This is common during any type of vehicle accident, as well as slip and fall accidents. The resulting medical care and recovery time can be extensive. There is also the possibility with certain breaks and fractures that you may have a permanent physical limitation.

Shoulder injuries are often sprains and strains, as opposed to broken bones. A sprain means that the ligament in you shoulder has been stretched or torn, where a stain is when the muscle or tendon has been damaged. These injuries can be very painful, limit the arm’s range of motion, and take months of physical therapy to recover.

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