Lebanon Personal Injury Lawyer

Receiving a lower body injury will affect every part of your life. In order to get around, it is vital that your knees, ankles, feet, and hips are working without any problems. A simple accident, whether it is a car crash or a slip and fall accident, can cause severe damage to your lower body. That damage caused by the accident can cause you to miss work, acquire large medical bills, and face a long, hard rehabilitation period. Unfortunately, the insurance company may not cover all of the financial damages you may face from the medical bills and inability to work during recovery. The attorneys at Henry & Beaver, LLP., can help you fight for your right to compensation due to another’s negligence.

Knee Injuries

The most common lower body injury is damage caused to one or both knees. The injuries can range from a small tear in a ligament to a bone fracture. Knee injuries are often seen after car accident, slip and fall incidents, and other accidents. They can take months to heal but depending on the severity of the injury, you could face permanent problems, such as chronic pain or a limited range of motion.

Ankle & Foot Injuries

The ankle and foot often suffer injuries at the same time as they are connected. It is common to sprain an ankle or fracture a bone in your foot. These often happen when your foot or ankle is struck with a large amount of force or when you slip and fall on an un-even surface. These injuries often require surgeries or physical therapy. It can take several weeks to recover fully.

Hip Injuries

Hip injuries include a variety of different fractures, dislocations, and strains. Each problem comes with a different solution but it is common for hip fractures to be treated with screws and plates to ensure that the hip remains stable. In severe cases, a complete hip replacement may be needed. The doctors will determine the extent of the damage through x-rays and a physical examination. Whether your injury requires screws and plates, or a full hip replacement, extensive physical rehabilitation will be needed to fully recover.

Fighting for You

At Henry & Beaver, LLP we will fight for your rights. We understand that the recovery period can be stressful as you worry about the medical expenses and how you will make ends meet. You should not have to fit for justice alone.

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