Lebanon Child Injury Lawyer

When your child suffers an injury, it can feel as though your entire world has been shaken. Suddenly, you are faced with a number unfamiliar concerns and questions — what will the long-term effects be? How long will the treatment take? Will it affect his or her education? How much will it cost?

At Henry & Beaver, LLP, our attorneys take a compassionate approach to personal injury cases involving children. Our experienced staff will work closely with your family to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have. Our goal is always to help you pursue the compensation your child needs to cope with his or her injuries, both now and in the future.

Taking The Long-Term Approach To Child Accident Claims

Child injury cases require a different procedure than most other claims. When a child suffers an injury, it is important to look far into the future and consider the long-term effects. Permanent mental and physical injuries could present life-long challenges to the child. His or her education could also be affected, leading to problems earning wages later in life. Our attorneys consider all of these factors as we push for the maximum possible compensation.

We never push for settlements before the time is right. In cases involving children, it is extremely important to wait until the child has reached the point of maximum medical improvement before moving forward. This ensures that we have a complete understanding of the costs associated with the injury.

Handling Finances And Trusts

When a child receives compensation from a personal injury case, he or she does not receive the money outright. Instead, the funds are usually placed in a trust that will care for the money until the child is old enough to handle it responsibly.

Our child injury lawyers have extensive experience with trusts and other financial instruments. If we recover compensation on your child’s behalf, we will help you create a trust that will effectively shepherd your child’s funds.

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