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Don’t let one night’s mistake change your life forever. If you have been charged with drinking and driving (DUI or DWI), make sure that your rights and best interests are fully protected. Speak with an experienced defense attorney at Henry & Beaver, LLP.

Our experienced criminal defense lawyer Heather A. Eggert, have over 30 years of experience handling a wide range of criminal charges. They have the knowledge and experience needed to effectively advise you, no matter what the circumstances surrounding the drunk driving allegations may be.

From offices in Lebanon, we represent clients throughout Central Pennsylvania, including Lebanon, Lancaster, Dauphin, Berks and Schuylkill counties. Contact our offices to schedule a confidential consultation.

Experienced Drunk Driving Defense

We provide skilled representation for people accused of drunk driving. Most DUI first-time offenders will qualify for the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) program. It’s designed to rehabilitate first-time offenders and prevent repeat offenses through education, treatment and community service. Completion of the program keeps the conviction off your record and keeps you out of jail. Our attorneys will fully examine the facts surrounding your arrest to help you determine whether ARD is a viable option.

Penalties escalate for a second DUI, with likely jail time and enhancements depending upon prior record, level of intoxication, and whether an accident or injury occurred. We are familiar with area judges and prosecutors and can help you determine whether to take your case to trial or accept a plea offer.

Although drunk driving charges should always be taken seriously, this is especially true for individuals with a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). Even for a first offense, and even if you were not driving a commercial vehicle when stopped, you may lose your CDL. Your license may even be suspended if your case is resolved through ARD. It is important to handle these cases carefully and work with an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

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