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The penalties for a theft offense conviction in Pennsylvania are sever. Depending on the value of property stolen from another person, the charge can range from a third degree misdemeanor to a third degree felony.

Theft Charges

  • Theft by deception. This means that the accused intentionally gained access to another’s property by deceiving them. This can include stealing a social security card number by pretending to be a government agency or scamming someone out of money, claiming to be a friend in need. Anytime deception is used to gain another’s property, this is the charge that will be used.
  • Theft by extortion. If the accused obtained property from another through violence or threats, this is the charge that will be used. This can be physical danger to another person or damage to property. It also includes violent threats and intimidation.
  • Theft of services. This is charged when a person obtains valuable services but does not pay for them due to deception, force, or threats.
  • Theft of lost property. If a person finds lost property and does not return it to the rightful owner, he or she can be charged with theft. The charge can be made if the accused knew or became aware of the owner and did not return the property or he or she failed to take reasonable measures to return the property to the owner.

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