Residential Real Estate Litigation in Lebanon

Purchasing a home is part of the American dream and is a milestone for a young married couple, a family, or a single adult establishing his or her life. This particular investment and transaction will probably be one of the most important decisions of your life.

As this is a major investment, there are many laws and regulations in place to make sure that the property rights are transitioned clearly and accurately. Each residential real estate transaction involves several steps that can be complicated. If any step is missed or completed inaccurately, then the purchase may not go through. This can be a financially and emotionally devastating event. To avoid such a catastrophe, contact an experienced real estate lawyer to help you navigate the process.

The real estate attorneys at Henry & Beaver, LLP can help with every step, whether you are a seller or a buyer. We can help negotiate real estate transactions and review all documents involved. Our services include:

  • Purchase closings
  • Refinance closings
  • Title searches
  • Recording Documents
  • Title Opinions
  • Purchase and sale negotiations
  • Provide title insurance
  • Sales closings
  • Installment sale agreements
  • Lease with option to purchase agreements
  • And more

We offer comprehensive residential real estate legal advice and counsel. If you are looking to buy, sell, or refinance a house, we can help. We understand the Pennsylvania laws that affect housing purchases and can help you through the entire process of buying or selling a home.

If you are interested in discussing your purchase or sale negotiation, contact the experienced Lebanon real estate attorneys at Henry & Beaver, LLP. Call our office today at 717-274-3644. We are available for an appointment today!