Lebanon Adoption Lawyer

Adoption is a generous action and a source of joy for the entire family. You must always remember, however, it is also a legal process. If you wish to grow your family through adoption, it is important that you work with a skilled family law attorney who can guide you through the legal aspects of the process.

Henry & Beaver, LLP, has been serving local Pennsylvania parents for more than 100 years. Our family law attorneys, John H. Whitmoyer and Heather A. Eggert, have extensive experience with adoptions in Pennsylvania.

When you contact our law firm, your lawyer will meet with you one-on-one to discuss your situation and help you take the next steps. He or she will get to know your family personally and work with you throughout the entire process. Your case will never be handed over to a less-experienced associate.

Guiding You Through The Stepparent Adoption Process

It is a common desire among stepparents to adopt their stepchildren. Our attorneys can help you make this a reality.

We handle all aspects of private adoptions by stepparents, including termination of the biological parent’s rights. Oftentimes, this termination is voluntary. If the biological parent does not consent to the termination, however, we will also explore the possibility of an involuntary termination of rights.

There are many legal reasons to pursue a stepparent adoption. Formal adoption establishes the legal custody rights and responsibilities of the stepmother or stepfather, giving stepparents the right to make important decisions regarding the child’s future. The adoption process also formalizes the child’s inheritance rights.

More important, adoption can draw families closer together by formalizing the bonds between parent and child. This gives children a sense of stability and permanence.

Guiding You Through Domestic Adoptions

There can be many reasons to adopt. No matter the reason, you must decide between several types of adoptions. Domestic adoptions are a great option for many who wish to expand or start their family. There are many advantages to adopting a child from the Unites States rather than another country. These can include feeling more comfortable with the child’s cultural background, being able to obtain a full medical and social background, or a desire to not travel in order to adopt a child.

No matter what your reason is, the attorneys at Henry & Beaver, LLP., can help you through the initial consultation, home studies, and full adoption process. We can help you contact an adoption agency to begin the process or help you arrange a private adoption. With either option, you should understand that the adoption process could be lengthy.

There are many avenues for adoption, including more that are not listed on this page. We are here to help bring more joy and happiness into your family through adoption.

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