Lebanon Trademarks Infringement Lawyer

Your company’s trademark is an extremely valuable asset, one that stands as a representation of your company’s reputation and goodwill in the community. When faced with possible trademarks infringement, it is important that you respond quickly to protect your company’s public image.The business attorneys at Henry & Beaver, LLP, are dedicated advocates for the rights of trademark holders. If you believe that another company has infringed upon your trademark rights, contact our law firm. We will work vigorously to protect your image and hold the infringing parties accountable for their actions.

Protecting Your Image And Reputation

Trademark infringement can have widespread effects. When a competitor attempts to do business under your company’s name, it abuses the goodwill you have developed in the community and dilutes the effectiveness of your name and image. A sufficiently similar name or symbol can also confuse consumers and clients, drawing business away from your legitimate practice.

We can help you challenge this behavior. Backed by more than 100 years of legal experience, our law firm provides skilled representation to Pennsylvania businesses affected by trademark infringement. Our attorneys will work hand-in-hand with your company to pursue those who violate your mark, taking the issue all the way to trial if necessary. We will also defend your company against outside claimants who wrongfully assert that your mark is a violation of theirs.

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Your name, image and reputation are irreplaceable assets. We can help you protect them.

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