Lebanon Debt Collection Attorneys

If you are a lender seeking past due payments from a debtor, you have probably tried to collect those payments by yourself. Now, you are wondering if it is worth it to hire a collections agency to attempt to recover your money. While, at times, a collection agency may be a suitable option, it is best to discuss your situation with a collections law attorney.

Why hire a collection attorney in Lebanon?

Unlike a collection agency, an attorney will be able to help you through the entire collections process. An attorney may use his or her authority to convince the debtor to pay the money owed. He or she can send letters requesting the payment be made. If the debtor continues to maintain the debt without paying, an attorney will have the authority and power to file a complaint with the courts and represent you throughout the process. A collections agency will have to turn the process over to an attorney if a court hearing is needed to recover the debt from the debtor.

Overall, the process can proceed quicker and more efficiently with the help of a collections attorney. If you are just beginning the debt collection process or are facing a hearing, the attorneys at Henry & Beaver, LLP., are here to help you. We have a complete understanding of the debt collection process and can help you recover what is rightfully owed.

If you have a debtor who is unwilling to pay the money owed, contact the skilled Lebanon debt collection attorneys at Henry & Beaver, LLP., today.

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