Lebanon Business Formations and Dissolutions Lawyer

The strategic decisions you make while creating a new business will have an enormous impact in the company’s success in the years to come. At the Henry & Beaver, LLP, our attorneys will help you get started on the right foot. We will guide you through the legal process of business formation, creating a new company designed to suit your unique needs.

Helping You Choose The Right Business Entity

There are a number of different business entities that can be used when starting a business. When you work with our law firm, one of our lawyers will sit down with you to discuss your company’s organization, business model and future plans. Once we have a clear idea of your individual circumstances, we will help you select a business entity that will work best for you.

Backed by more than 100 years of legal experience, our law firm has helped hundreds of Pennsylvania companies get their start. We are well-versed in all common business entities, including:

  • Corporations: Based on our discussions, we will help you determine whether an S corporation or a C corporation is best for your company.
  • Limited liability company: An LLC can protect you from the debts and liabilities associated with your company.
  • Limited liability partnership: LLPs provide a number of tax benefits to partners.
  • 510(c)(3) nonprofit: If you wish to form a nonprofit organization, our attorneys will help you achieve tax-exempt status.

Business Dissolution

Creating a business requires hard work, time, and a lot of energy. The business becomes an important and integral part of your life. The decision to close a business is, therefore, a difficult one that can often be contentious, if multiple partners are involved.

The steps for dissolving a business vary depending on the type of business and if there are any rules regarding the dissolution. The first step to take involved discussing the dissolution with your business partners, if there are any. You will need to discuss what rules are in place to regulate the dissolution. If you set forth specific rules, such as needing a two-thirds majority vote from all partners to proceed, you will need to follow all rules.

In additions to following your business specific rules, you will need to follow the Pennsylvania state laws that include how you settle your affairs with creditors, employees, suppliers, and contractors. In order to avoid disputes and possible litigation, you will need to file all paperwork with the state, pay the remaining payroll and taxes, and sell the remaining business assets.

Serving All Of Your Business Law Needs

We are also ready to assist with a variety of other challenges faced by new companies, including the creation of bylaws, the negotiation of lease terms and the registration of trademarks. We also have extensive experience with employment law, enabling us to create effective contracts and handle any employment law challenges your company encounters in the years ahead.

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