Lebanon Construction Litigation Attorneys

Construction projects involve many different parties and responsibilities. A project can be delayed for various reasons and the costs could go up. There are suppliers, contractors, architects, managers, and owners that each have their own duties to ensure the project is completed. At Henry & Beaver, LLP., we represent all major parties involved in construction projects. Our services range from initial contracting to payment disputes.

Pre-Construction Counsel

Legal matters requiring the assistance of legal counsel will surface at the very beginning of a project, before any building has been started. As a project is just starting, legal issues such as real estate acquisition and permit requirements can cause delays and hold-ups. Our experienced Lebanon construction litigation lawyers can help you resolve environmental issues, land use questions, and project financing before the project even begins. It will allow the project to move forward with fewer delays and interruptions.

Construction Contracts

As with any business venture, it is vital to have a well-written contract, delegating each party’s responsibilities. It does not matter if the project is a simple home renovation or a commercial venture. A contract will serve to protect the owner, contractor, and other parties involved.. We are experienced contract writers and understand how construction contracts may differ from the typical business agreement.


Our goal, at Henry & Beaver, LLP., is to limit the possibility of construction litigation through pre-construction counsel and contract writing, but if a problem should arise, we are prepared to provide proficient legal services to resolve the problem. We are able to handle construction litigation for the following cases:

  • Bid protests
  • Contract disputes
  • Breach of Contract
  • Contract suspensions and terminations
  • Employment disputes
  • Project delays
  • Defective design
  • Performance and payment bonds
  • Payment disputes
  • Claims of inefficiency

We are prepared to provide you your needs in your Construction Litigation processes Contact Us at Henry & Beaver, LLP office.