What Does a Municipal Lawyer Do?

What Does a Municipal Lawyer Do?

Municipal law can seem like a foreign concept to many.  Understanding what it is and what municipal lawyers do might be difficult to understand.  Hopefully by the time you finish reading this, you’ll have a firmer grasp on the subject. 

The experienced municipal attorneys at Henry & Beaver LLP Attorneys at Law are here to guide you and give you the attention that might be lacking at other law firms.  We have the best municipal lawyers in Lebanon, PA and are proud to have been of service to all our clients for over 100 years.

Let’s start with what municipal law is. 

Municipal law is the law or laws specific to a particular city, county, township, or borough (also known as a municipality), and the government bodies within those municipalities.  This can include things like zoning laws, education policies, property taxes or even police power.  The people who are responsible for creating municipal laws are the elected officials of each municipality.  Since the members of a city or town council are elected by the people, that means that a municipality’s residents have a lot of power when making decisions regarding municipal law. Having the insight and knowledge to be able to assist a municipality is where a municipal lawyer comes in.

Knowing what is within the confines of the law will help elected officials make the best choices for their municipality and its residents.  To ensure that they are making an informed decision, a city or county will turn to a law firm to help counsel them.  It takes years of experience and expertise to help guide a municipality to form laws that will affect its residents.  Being up to date on all applicable laws, codes and standards is key to providing the kind of service that is required to handle something as complex as municipal law.

The best municipal lawyers in Lebanon, PA are right here at Henry & Beaver LLP Attorneys at Law.  We are committed to making sure that our clients have everything they need to be prepared when navigating different areas of law.  We are happy to provide legal services for everyone from individuals to large businesses and everything in between.  Schedule a consultation with one of our lawyers today by calling us at 717-274-3644 or by contacting us online today!