What do I do if I was Bitten by a Dog?

What do I do if I was Bitten by a Dog?

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Most of us will never have to worry about serious injuries resulting from dog bites. However, every year, about 4.5 million Americans (predominantly children) receive dog bites. About 1 in 5 of those bitten require urgent medical attention. If you or your child are injured by a dog’s bite, there are several steps you should take immediately after the bite occurs.

Gather information.

First, write down names of the dog, its owner(s), the individual(s) handling the dog at the time (if it’s not the owner[s]), the location where the incident occurred, and contact information of the owner(s).

Document the injury.

Take pictures of the wound(s) as quickly as possible. Cell phone pictures will suffice. This will help in case you end up taking legal action.

Seek medical attention.

If the bite seems serious, seek medical attention. Obtain copies of your medical records for this treatment to help with legal matters.

Report the incident.

Report the bite to your local animal control agency or police department. Animal control officers or police officers will investigate your case by speaking with you and the dog’s owner(s).

Know local dog bite laws.

Become familiar with state and local dog bite laws and legal actions you can take.

In Pennsylvania, dog laws  require that all dogs must be properly confined and registered. If a serious injury is reported, an officer will confiscate the dog, which will be held in animal control’s quarantine before being euthanized or potentially rescued by a registered 501(c)(3) animal rescue. The law holds the owner(s) punishable by law for intentional or negligent recklessness.

Contact a personal injury lawyer.

If you are facing medical costs or physical or emotional repercussions of a serious dog bite, contact a Lebanon personal injury lawyer. If you live in Lebanon, PA, contact a Lebanon personal injury lawyer at Henry & Beaver.

If you have received a serious dog bite and wish to take legal action, don’t delay in contacting the office of Henry & Beaver. Call or contact us online for your confidential consultation.