What are some of the long-term effects from child injuries?

What are some of the long-term effects from child injuries?

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According to the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN), children suffer long-term trauma following injuries suffered in childhood. Victims of bullying or children who sustain injuries in an accident often live not only with physical but also emotional and psychological trauma for a long time. Some children never get over it and they live with it for the rest of their lives.

Depending on the seriousness of the injury, a child can have the quality of their life significantly reduced. For instance, they may be unable to play or do simple things like dress themselves, move from place to place, or eat without assistance. They may also have to rely on gadgets like wheel chairs or crutches to get around.

In addition to this, a child can be so affected by a traumatic incident that they keep having nightmares, have difficulty concentrating or become aggressive or withdrawn because they feel like they are less of a person because of their injury. This can lead to emotional problems such as anxiety disorders and depression. Others may go on to abuse drugs and alcohol or become juvenile delinquents.

Justice for the injury

A child is already a dependent and when they suffer a serious injury, they become even more so. Therefore, the accident not only affects the child but their parents or caregivers who have to adjust to their lives to care for their child following an accident.

Therefore, in seeking compensation in such cases, a long-term approach has to be taken. Most defendants will be unwilling to give adequate compensation, taking into account that a child may never fully recover physically, psychologically, or both.

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