What Are Common Injuries From Car Accidents?

Approximately two million people are injured in motor vehicle crashes every year according to the CDC.  Americans also collectively spend over one million days in the hospital every year because of injuries sustained in car accidents.  If you are involved in a car accident, you might find yourself needing a team of attorneys.

Our law firm based in Lebanon, PA has the experience you need to make sure you get the compensation you deserve after a car accident.  The car accident personal injury lawyers at Henry & Beaver Attorneys At Law are second to none.  We specialize in representing clients who have been in car accidents and who have a number of injuries that you can see on our list here.  There are a wide variety of injuries that can be the result of a car accident and some are more common than others. 

To help you understand what they are, we have gathered a list here to help shed some light on the topic.

  1. Whiplash – Most of the time when you are in a car accident, one of two things happens.  First, you come to a sudden stop after moving at a high speed, or the inverse, going from a stopped position to a state of high speed.  This, more often than not, can cause whiplash.  When whiplash occurs, muscles, ligaments and tendons in your body become strained or can even experience soft tissue damage.  This can be quite painful and can cause long term complications.
  2. Scrapes, Cuts and Lacerations – When your vehicle experiences a heavy impact, any items that aren’t secured can cause damage.  Whether it be your sunglasses, a cell phone, your bag or your purse, anything can essentially become a projectile.  These unsecured items can cut your skin and cause other injuries.  Scrapes and cuts can  be minor at times and need little to no medical attention, while lacerations may result in severe blood loss or require stitches or stapless.
  3. Neck and Back Injuries – Some might think that high speeds or massive impact are what cause most injuries in an automobile accident.  This isn’t always the case.  Even traveling at fifteen miles per hour can cause serious injuries.  Neck and back injuries are a very common and can happen at low speeds.  Back or neck injuries can vary from minor pain and soreness to herniated disks in your spine.  If collisions are more significant, partial or total paralysis may occur.
  4. Head Injuries – Injuries to the head can be relatively minor or incredibly extreme.  Collisions with a side window, steering wheel or other hard surfaces can cause fractures and breaks to your nose, eye orbitals and your skull.  Trauma to the brain can cause immediate harm in the form of a concussion or even hemorrhaging.  Brain injuries can result in long lasting problems such as headaches or trouble sleeping.  In drastic cases, death can occur.

Whether you live in Lebanon, PA or one of the surrounding counties, our attorneys are happy to help you understand what can be done for you if you’ve been injured in a car accident.  Getting answers to questions and concerns about paying for medical bills, how things will affect your ability to work or how you will support your family is what you deserve.  Our car accident personal injury lawyers will work with you to make sure you are treated with respect and given proper legal representation.  We represent clients for a variety of other personal injury suits as well. 

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