Uncontested Divorce: How a Family Law Attorney Can Help

Getting a divorce can be difficult. However, if it is uncontested, you can move through the process faster and easier. Still, it is crucial to make sure you work with a family law attorney who will protect your interests.

Even if everything seems to be going well with your spouse as you work through your plans for divorce, something could change. You do not want to put your Lebanon, PA home and other assets at risk, and family law lawyers can help with that.

What Is an Uncontested Divorce?

Even if you have an uncontested divorce, which means that your spouse agrees to the divorce and is not fighting it, you should make sure you are protecting yourself and your future. In an uncontested divorce, the thought process is often that the spouses can agree on everything and make the decision easier. However, that’s not always how it works out.

When you both agree that a divorce is the right choice, there’s still a difference between your spouse fighting the idea of divorce and them agreeing with everything you want from it. In other words, there can still be arguments regarding financial assets like property and bank accounts, along with the custody of children and even who gets to keep the pets. Whether your divorce is uncontested or not, it’s best to have a family law attorney on your side.

Why Do You Need Family Law Lawyers?

The main reason you need family law lawyers is to make sure you are protecting yourself from a legal standpoint. If you are unsure about everything you are entitled to, you could lose the help and support you need and deserve.

When you work with the family law attorneys at Henry & Beaver, LLP, you will know that you have strong legal advocates who have your best interests in mind. They’ll aggressively defend your rights so you can move through your divorce with the level of protection you need. Especially if you have children with your spouse, legal representation is a critical part of the divorce process.

Can You DIY a Divorce?

While it is technically possible to file for and complete a divorce in Lebanon, PA, without help from a family law attorney, it’s definitely not recommended. You would be taking a significant risk by doing that, even if neither you nor your spouse choose to work with an attorney. 

Even in uncontested divorces, negotiations may be necessary to reach a fair and equitable agreement. Family law attorneys can act as mediators, facilitating discussions between the spouses to resolve any remaining issues. Their experience in negotiation can help navigate potential conflicts and ensure that both parties are satisfied with the terms of the divorce.

In addition, an attorney can help with child custody and support arrangements. They will be able to assist in creating a comprehensive parenting plan that addresses visitation schedules, decision-making authority, and financial support obligations.

How Do Family Law Attorneys Protect Your Rights?

You need an attorney who practices in specific areas to get the right type of support. Family law lawyers understand how hard it is to go through a divorce, and they know all the steps you need to take. They’ll file your paperwork, talk with you about options, and make sure you ask for what’s fair in your situation. The goal is not to take everything but to divide assets and liabilities in a fair and just way for you and your spouse.

Work With Trusted Attorneys for Quality Support Today

Henry & Beaver, LLP, has been providing top-quality legal representation for over 100 years. Our small but dedicated team of family law attorneys has the experience and resources to handle a wide range of legal issues for clients in Lebanon County and surrounding areas. We understand how difficult it can be to go through a divorce. For this reason, we aim to provide personalized and focused representation that gives you peace of mind during difficult times. 

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