What type of compensation can I receive after a burn injury?

What type of compensation can I receive after a burn injury?

burn injuriesCindi Broaddus, Dr. Phil McGraw’s sister-in-law, awoke in the passenger seat of a car screaming after sulfuric acid was dropped from an overpass in 2001. She was hospitalized with a 30 percent chance of survival. After twelve surgeries in three weeks, she resigned herself to inspire others to recover. Acid burned 70 percent of her body.

Henry & Beaver, LLP in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, helps burn victims recover the maximum possible compensation for their injuries, pain, and suffering.

Wrongful Death 

When a person dies suddenly in a fire or while in treatment for electrical or chemical burn injuries, our Lebanon personal injury attorneys can help immediate family members or the guardian of a surviving minor child file a third-party claim for wrongful death compensation against the parties who caused the burns. Our Lebanon injury lawyers may be able to get you wrongful death compensation including:

• the decedent’s medical expenses
• damages for the decedent’s pain and suffering
• the decedent’s funeral and burial expenses
• the decedent or wage earner’s wages until retirement
• the loss of companionship or guidance of minor children

Catastrophic Burn Injuries 

Severe burns into the fat beneath the skin damage nerves leaving the skin numb, charred, waxy, or leathery. Burn centers graft skin over large areas of the body or to heal deep wounds. If your burns were caused by the deliberate or negligent acts of others, our burn injury attorneys in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, may be able to file a claim to recover compensation for your:

• Medical bills
• Rehabilitative care
• Lost wages
• Property damage
• Emotional distress

Lebanon Injury Lawyer 

Attorneys Christopher J. Coyle and Heather A. Eggert hope to grant you peace of mind as you recover and adjust to your injuries. Our firm can also help you get the insurance benefits you need from:

• Social security
• Medicare
• Workman’s compensation
• Supplementary

Scars and Disfigurement 

Our burn injury lawyers in Lebanon may be able to recover damages for scars and disfigurement depending on the severity of your injuries. Henry & Beaver, LLP have burn injury lawyers in Lebanon who have recovered lost wages and punitive damages from those who caused severe burn injuries through negligence or deliberate acts.

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