Tips on How Pedestrians Can Stay Safe this Winter

Tips on How Pedestrians Can Stay Safe this Winter

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As a pedestrian, you need to be particularly careful during the winter season because you are more vulnerable to accidents on wet and slippery roads and walkways.

You can stay safe by:

-Wearing boots with good rubber treading to reduce chances of a slip and fall accident.
-Being careful walking near vehicles. Vehicles are also prone to slipping and sliding on wet roads so pay close attention when crossing roads or walking on walkways with cars passing right by.
-Looking at the surface; before you take a step, put out a toe to test especially if there is snow. Snow can cover holes or cover icy patches that you can slip and fall that can leave you with serious injuries.
-Wearing gloves; you may put out a hand to steady yourself to prevent a fall and you will have a better grip with gloves on wet surfaces than with your bare hands.

What to do if you are in a slip and fall accident?

However, despite your best efforts to be careful, an accident may occur where you do slip and fall. If you do, your first call should be to contact a lawyer. A lawyer will do the following:

1) Bring the accident to the attention of the defendant and the insurance company.
2) Prove liability, which most defendants will not readily accept. Your lawyer will help to prove that the accident occurred as the result of the defendant’s negligence. Falls happen quickly and even victims often don’t understand how they slipped and fell. A good lawyer will know what to look at to find proof.
3) Represent you in court; having gathered the facts that will provide evidence in your favor, a lawyer will present your case in court. They will explain to the judge or jury what happened and what makes a defendant liable.
4) Get you the compensation you deserve; a good lawyer will help you not just to get compensation but to get fair compensation for the accident. They will take into account the physical pain you have gone through, perhaps loss of income because you could not work following the accident and other ways in which your life was interrupted by the accident.

Call on us
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