Suspended Driver’s License? Why You’ll Need an Attorney

Suspended Driver’s License? Why You’ll Need an Attorney

If your driver’s license has been suspended, you should consider contacting a lawyer to help you get it reinstated. Your driver’s license can be suspended for many reasons, including certain driving offenses like driving under the influence, failing to appear in court, child support arrearages and accumulating too many points on your driving record for offenses like speeding.

An attorney can help you understand the process to restore your driver’s license. In some cases, you may just need to pay a reinstatement fee. In other cases, the situation may be more complicated, and you may need to request a hearing with the court.

An attorney can direct you to the appropriate agencies if you are required to take safe-driving classes to get your license reinstated.

If your license has been suspended in Pennsylvania but you live in another state, the experienced Lebanon, PA criminal defense attorneys at Henry & Beaver can be especially helpful. You may be required to be physically present at a local DMV office to request the reinstatement of your driver’s license. If you cannot travel to Pennsylvania to do this, our attorneys may be able to get this requirement waived so that you do not need to undergo the cost and expense of returning to Pennsylvania

Driving with a suspended driver’s license carries substantial penalties. If you are caught driving without a license, you may be ordered to pay fines, complete several hours of community service, orserve jail time. It is best to take care of this problem as quickly as possible, so you are not forced to miss work or school unexpectedly after being arrested for driving without a valid license.

For more information on how we can help you with a suspended driver’s licnese, contact the Lebanon, PA criminal defense attorneys at Henry & Beaver at (717) 274-3644 to schedule a consultation today.