Suspended Driver’s License? What Can Happen Next?

Suspended Driver’s License? What Can Happen Next?

suspended drivers license

Suspended Driver’s License? What Can Happen Next?

A suspended driver’s license can take a quick and negative toll on your everyday life. You cannot drive yourself to and from work or school. You may have to take public transportation, ask others for rides, or simply walk to wherever you need to go.

Your worry about getting around town may be compounded with the worry of what will happen in the days and weeks after your license is suspended. You can get fast answers and guidance towards regaining your driving privileges when you hire an experienced Lebanon criminal defense attorney to take your case.

The criminal defense attorneys at Henry & Beaver can be your most valuable asset when attempting to reinstate your license. Depending on the reason for the revocation of your driving privileges, you may have a unique challenge in convincing the judge to give you another chance behind the wheel.

It is crucial that you prove to the court that you have changed your behaviors and learned your lesson about driving unsafely. Your lawyer can provide the judge with proof that you completed drug or alcohol abuse counseling, safe driving lessons, or other classes designed to teach you responsible driving behaviors.

Sometimes police officers make mistakes and wrongly assume that you violated the local driving laws. When you are innocent of the charges for which you have been convicted, you need a skilled attorney to take your case and prove your innocence.

The Lebanon criminal defense lawyers at Henry & Beaver, LLP can gather evidence like blood tests, eyewitness testimony, surveillance footage, and other proof to show that you are not guilty. With sufficient proof to back up your claims of innocence, you may have the charges overturned and your license reinstated.

You have a number of legal options available to you regardless of whether or not you are guilty of irresponsible driving. You cannot afford to have your license suspended if you want to continue your normal routine. You can make your case and follow through with your request to have the charges overturned or the license reinstated when you have an experienced Lebanon criminal defense lawyer representing you today. Call Christopher J. Coyle or Heather A. Eggert if your license has been suspended.