Slip and Fall: Injured While Shopping

Slip and Fall: Injured While Shopping

shopping mall slip and fall
Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere; they can happen outside on the slippery sidewalk or wet floor of a store. In some cases, accidents occur because of the failure of the owner of a premise to ensure that it was safe. This is known as premise liability. This is a legal concept where a personal injury was suffered because a business premise or personal property was unsafe.

In order to win such a case, a victim must prove that the premise or property manager was negligent about maintaining it in good condition. This could be by failing to keep floors dry, leaving items lying around on the floor which causes someone to trip and fall, or failing to dispose of waste like a banana skin properly and it caused a slip and fall accident.

However, it does not automatically follow that a property or premise owner will be deemed to have been negligent simply because an accident happened there. If such a case goes to court, it will be necessary to prove that the owner was aware of unsafe conditions and that they failed to take steps to correct the situation. For instance, they can have let a hostile dog loose and it went on to attack a visitor or failed to put up a wet floor warning while the floor of a store was being cleaned or had just been cleaned.

Different states have different statutes about premise liability. However, generally speaking, you will need the services of an experienced and skilled lawyer to prove your case. Henry & Beaver LLP will do just that. We will examine the facts of the case and we will know what to look for to find evidence to prove your case. Sometimes a defendant will readily accept liability but will not be ready to offer adequate compensation for the injury suffered. Do not just take what they or their insurance company offer you, even if you are pressed with medical bills. Also, don’t just take their word for it that they will compensate you.

A Lebanon PA personal injury lawyer from our firm should be your first call. Without a Lebanon lawyer in PA to act on your behalf, you can be taken advantage of. Leave it to us to get you not just compensation, but the compensation you deserve for your injuries and other forms of injury such as lost income while you recover.