Most common job site injuries in Pennsylvania

Most common job site injuries in Pennsylvania

Most Common Job Site Injuries in Pennsylvania

Back Injuries Among Most Common Workplace Injuries in Pennsylvania

back injury - workplace injuriesIf you are employed in Pennsylvania in a job that requires any degree of physical activity, chances are high that you could become injured at your job site. Henry & Beaver specializes in helping resolve personal injury claims related to injuries sustained at work. Here are eight of the most common injuries occurring at workplaces in Pennsylvania:

1. Many workplace claims stem from back injuries due to overexertion, when a worker has been required to lift, move, push or pull an amount of weight that is too heavy for his abilities. Injuries due to overexertion rank among the top Pennsylvania workplace injuries.

2. Falling on a flat surface, down a flight of stairs, or tripping on an uneven floor surface can cause serious trauma and injury to the employee.

3. Tripping over an object in a hallway, pathway or other area that employee’s use for walking around the job site can cause broken bones and sprains.

4. Being struck by a falling object that has not been secured or has been improperly stored, causing it to shift and strike an employee, often results in injuries to employees.

5. Accidents caused in the operation of any type of motor vehicle are another common Pennsylvania workplace injury.

6. Any type of repetitive motion, including activities that require the same motion over an extended period of time, is another common workplace complaint.

7. Accidents involving machinery in which the employee can catch a limb or appendage is another serious cause of workplace injury that can result in amputation or even death.

8. Physical harassment while on the job can result in serious injury.

A Lebanon personal injury lawyer on our staff can serve as your advocate when filing a claim for an injury sustained while on the job in Pennsylvania.

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