Injuries that Occur When Your Cleaning Supplies Are Not Labeled Correctly

Cleaning Supplies
Most of us use some sort of cleaning supplies at home or at work every day. While most of these products are packaged and labeled in the correct manner, those that are not could cause serious injury to occur. Below is an overview of how product liability laws can help those who are injured in this way. If cleaning products that are not labeled correctly have injured you, contact a personal injury attorney at Henry & Beaver, LLP for advice.
Types Of Injuries

There are many different types of injuries that can be caused by the improper packing and use of chemicals. The most common injuries resulting in personal injury cases are:

  • Cornea Burns
  • Burns On The Skin
  • Lung Problems From Inhalation Of Chemical Fumes
  • Neurological Problems Causing Seizures And Poor Brain Function

These are just a few injuries that can occur when cleaning supplies are not labeled correctly. To learn if the injuries you have sustained qualify for a personal injury lawsuit, contact Henry & Beaver, LLP today.

Who Is Responsible?

Product liability laws can help those who are hurt due to defective products. The following parties may be held accountable if injury occurs:

  • The Retailer Who Sold The Product
  • The Wholesaler
  • The Product Manufacturer
  • The Party Who Assembled The Product

Personal injury law is complex and the legal process difficult to navigate. For this reason, it is best to speak with a Lebanon personal injury lawyer to determine what options you have under the law.

If you have suffered injuries due to a defective or improperly labeled product, contact a personal injury attorney at Henry & Beaver, LLP today. After speaking with you, one of our attorneys will let you know if you should move ahead with your product liability lawsuit.