Injured while driving on icy roads?

Injured while driving on icy roads?

Injured While Driving on Icy Roads?

icy roadsAnyone that gets injured while driving on icy roads should contact a reputable Lebanon personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after the incident. Injuries incurred by these road conditions might not be immediately evident. Whiplash-type injuries and bruising from inflated air bags often don’t present until a few days after the vehicle related crash or incident. Individuals involved in a car or other vehicle crash or near miss might qualify for compensation under Pennsylvania laws. Contact Henry & Beaver for a free evaluation of your particular case. A competent Lebanon car accident attorney can begin compiling the necessary evidence needed to prove liability in these cases.

Icy road conditions are common during cold Pennsylvania winters. Drivers must slow down and drive with extreme caution when encountering dangerous icy road conditions. Failure to slow down or negligent driving can make a driver liable for compensation if others are injured as a result of their negligence or unsafe driving practice. Injuries can be severe after these incidents. The injured parties may require expensive medical care to treat their injuries. Injured individuals may lose wages due to being unable to work. A qualified Lebanon personal injury attorney can fight for the injured victim’s full rights under Pennsylvania laws.

Anyone involved in an accident due to icy roads may qualify for reimbursement of medical bills. Road conditions change quickly. Get in touch with an experienced Lebanon personal injury lawyer fast, so this legal team can get to work documenting road conditions and state of vehicle damage and any witness statements. Injured individuals should never settle with an insurance company without consulting with Henry & Beaver first.

If you or a loved one has been injured on icy roads, call attorneys Christopher J. Coyle and Heather A. Eggert today to schedule a free consultation.