What are some of the consequences of a drug conviction?

drug conviction
There are a few different types of drug convictions that you may face. Some are misdemeanors and involve anything from drinking while driving (DUI) to having a small amount of marijuana in your possession. A misdemeanor, while not a good thing to have on your record, doesn’t have the severe consequences that a felony drug conviction would have. A conviction has consequences that are seen beyond being arrested and spending time in jail or on probation. You might see some of the consequences for years that could affect your ability to get a job, enroll in school and even develop relationships with others.

Most drugs are classified into different schedules. Schedule I drugs include heroin and more severe narcotics while Schedule VI includes minor drugs, such as marijuana. The sentence that you receive will depend on the schedule of the drug as well as the amount that you have on you. Some amounts could be seen as high enough to be classified as trafficking even if it’s not your intention. Some punishments, like a first degree felony charge could result in up to 180 months in prison, while a first degree misdemeanor could result in up to 120 days in jail. You’ll have to pay fines and be away from your family. When you get out of jail, you might still be on probation or parole. It can be difficult to find a job, especially if you can’t seem to get over the drug addiction that you have. A Lebanon Criminal Law Attorney can help you set up rehab services if you want them to try to stay out of trouble in the future.

An attorney can help with the drug conviction that you face. If you don’t have a prior criminal history, an office like Henry & Beaver LLP can try to get your sentence reduced so that you don’t spend time in jail or you spend the minimal amount. A criminal law attorney in Lebanon can meet with you to discuss the ramifications of the decision that you make about using to drugs and sometimes talk to employers or file a statement about complying with the recommendations set forth by the court. Call Attorneys Christopher J. Coyle or Heather A. Eggert at (717) 274-3644 to discuss your case today.