Common Causes of Hip Injuries

Common Causes of Hip Injuries

At the Henry & Beaver LLP law firm, we want you to understand the most common causes of hip injuries. Having a hip injury can make your life difficult because it makes mobility nearly impossible. After a hip injury, you may need a caregiver as you rehabilitate with physical and occupational therapy. If you are injured due to the negligence of someone else, you need assistance from the personal injury attorneys at Henry & Beaver, LLP in Lebanon PA.

Falling from Higher Levels

When you fall from a high location such as a walking platform or balcony while at work, home, or in another location, you will likely break a hip. When you break a hip, you typically require surgery so that surgeons can fix the broken bones in the hip with metal pins, plates, and screws.

Vehicle Collisions

If you are in a vehicle accident, breaking a hip during the collision is possible. This is often a compression injury from the other vehicle pushing your steering wheel and dashboard against the lower half of your body. A compression injury often leads to multiple breaks in a bone, and this is a serious injury that can take several months to overcome.

Trip and Fall Injuries

Tripping and falling onto the floor or down a staircase may result in a hip fracture. This type of injury often happens to older individuals, but it can also occur in younger individuals. If someone was negligent about leaving loose tile or carpet on the floor, then that individual is may be at fault If that is the case, you should contact an attorney at Henry & Beaver, LLP to assist you with your lawsuit.

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