Most Common Airbag Injuries and Your Rights!

Most Common Airbag Injuries and Your Rights!

Seeking Compensation for Those Harmed by Vehicle Air Bags

Vehicle air bags are supposed to save lives and prevent serious injuries, but they can also present certain hazards on their own. Motorists who are harmed by air bags that are defective or fail to operate properly may be entitled to financial compensation, and they will also require intervention by a Lebanon personal injury attorney to help ensure their fair treatment under the laws of Pennsylvania. This type of assistance is available from the law firm of Henry & Beaver.

Dangers Posed by Air Bags

Air bags are designed to provide protection in sudden accidents, which requires their instantaneous deployment. Some air bags have been known to deploy in minor accidents or without a precipitating crash, resulting in the scattering of debris that can cause severe injuries and even death. If the system fails to deploy or its deployment is delayed, it will not provide protection from other crash-related injuries. Additionally, even air bags that function properly may fail to provide adequate protection to occupants who are too small or are positioned in an improper manner. Some of the most common injuries related to the use of air bags include:

•Facial cuts and bruises
•Eye wounds
•Hearing impairment
•Bone fractures
•Brain trauma
•Injuries to internal organs

Responding to Air Bag Injuries

Manufacturers are responsible for making sure that their air bags function as designed. Companies that fail to meet their obligations can be subject to product liability lawsuits. However, injured parties should never try to deal directly with corporate lawyers or insurance providers. The attorneys at Henry & Beaver can help you level the playing field between the victims and the responsible parties.

The Right to Compensation

Damages may be sought to cover direct expenses, including medicals bills and lost wages, and as compensation for the other effects of an injury, such as pain and suffering damages. Compensation can also be sought by family members who lose loved ones through the negligence of others. The Lebanon personal injury attorneys at Henry & Beaver will be able to provide advice and guidance throughout the legal process and help you obtain the compensation that you deserve. This is why those who have been harmed by air bags should contact the law firm of Henry & Beaver at 717-274-3644.