Breach of Contract? Why You Need an Attorney

Breach of Contract? Why You Need an Attorney

A breach of contract claim typically alleges that one party has violated a written or oral agreement that caused the claimant damages. If this has happened to you in or around Lebanon County, immediate action should be taken. Any business, real estate, or employment agreement confers certain rights and imposes certain obligations on the parties involved. If you enter into a contract, you expect the other party to perform under its terms. If the other party breaches the contract, and you allow the breach to continue, you may impair your ability to be compensated for your damages.

Proof of a Contract and Breach
Pennsylvania contract law is very complex. The attorneys at Henry & Beaver are Lebanon business attorneys who procure and secure all relevant evidence in connection with a breach of contract. Of course, evidence of the contract itself must be presented, but relevant letters, notes or other materials including the conduct of the parties themselves can also be used to support the existence of both a contract and a breach of that cocntract.

We’re Aggressive Professionals
To best protect your rights, you should contact the attorneys at Henry & Beaver as soon as possible in anticipation of or after any contract breach. Of course, there are times that a lawsuit must be filed after a breach, but our initial objective is to attempt to work out the best possible settlement for you. If that doesn’t work, we’re not at all apprehensive about filing a lawsuit on your behalf.

Representing yourself on either side of a breach of contract case can be incredibly confusing and difficult. You can prejudice your own claim or defense without even knowing it. Contact the Lebanon business attorneys at Henry & Beaver to arrange for a consultation. You will have our full attention, and we will answer all of your legal questions. After that, we will discuss your legal rights and options. We’re conveniently located in Lebanon and less than an hour from Lancaster, Harrisburg, Reading, York, and Pottsville. Even if you’re anticipating a breach of contract, contact us right away to begin building your case.