Everything You Need to Know About Guardianships

Everything You Need to Know About Guardianships  A guardian is someone who is legally responsible for the care and management of another person, that person’s estate, or both. Depending on the type of guardianship, a guardian may be in charge of multiple facets of another person’s life or estate. Let’s review what you need to […]

Can A Child Choose Which Parent To Live With In A Divorce?

It is an unfortunate reality that many marriages end in divorce.  If the divorce between two spouses involves children, “When does my child select which parent to live with?” is a question that many experienced attorneys are often asked during consultations. The rules governing whether a child has genuine freedom to choose which parent to […]

The Lifecycle of a Criminal Case [Infograhic]

Can Drug Charges Be Dismissed?

Can Drug Charges Be Dismissed? No one is perfect, and everyone has gone through a time in their life where they have stumbled and made a mistake.  For some, that mistake may have been minor, but for others, their mistakes can have some grave consequences.  In 2019, an estimated one and a half million arrests […]

Is My Property Zoned for Business?

If you are one of the many people out there who are thinking about starting your own business, the thought of running that business out of your home has undoubtedly crossed your mind.  Renting or leasing commercial space may not be something that you are comfortable with, especially if you are just starting out and […]

How Is Child Custody Determined in PA [Infographic]

Top Causes of Real Estate Litigation

Real estate litigation has become more prevalent in recent years, and just about anyone can be involved in a lawsuit regarding real estate.  Whether you are a real estate agent or broker, someone buying or selling a property, or even a landlord or a tenant, you could be involved in real estate litigation.  No matter […]

How Does the Statute of Limitations Affect Personal Injury Claims?

Have you recently suffered an injury from an accident that has left you wondering whether or not you have a valid claim for a personal injury lawsuit?  If so, you should seek the aid of a law firm that employs only the best personal injury attorneys.  If you pursue legal action for a personal injury […]

Henry & Beaver Attorneys At Law Are Excited To Add Jessica E. Weaver To The Firm

The law firm of Henry & Beaver, LLP announced that Jessica E. Weaver has joined the firm as an associate attorney.  Jessica brings a skillset that will complement the firm in a way that will allow Henry & Beaver Attorneys At Law to continue to provide its clients with exemplary service.  Jessica is eager to […]

Do I Need A Living Will And A Last Will And Testament?

According to a 2017 survey conducted by, nearly 60% of American adults haven’t done a single thing when it comes to estate planning.  When most people think about estate planning, the first thing that comes to most people’s minds are wills.  But what exactly is a will?  Do you know what a living will […]