3 Things You Should Know About Juvenile Crimes

3 Things You Should Know About Juvenile Crimes

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3 Things You Should Know About Juvenile Crimes

The criminal justice system treats juveniles differently than it treats adults. Knowing what to expect in the juvenile justice system can make the process less daunting. It can also help you get a better result. Here are 3 important things to know about juvenile crimes:

1. Your child might be eligible to receive a special disposition called a consent decree.

In juvenile court, there’s an informal process for minor offenses. It’s called a consent decree. When your child is placed on a consent decree, the charges are suspended. They’re given a term of probation. If they complete it successfully, the charges will be dismissed.

2. They might also be referred to adult court.

Even though offenders 17 and under usually go into the juvenile justice system, minors might find themselves defending their case in adult court. In some cases, the state has the option to charge a child as an adult. This usually occurs only where the charges are very serious and when the child is near the age of 17.

3. You have the right to an attorney.

Juvenile detention isn’t common, but it is a possibility in some juvenile cases. Because detention is on the table, a minor that’s facing a juvenile charge has the right to an attorney. The attorney you choose will be there to help guide you through this process and ensure as much success as possible for your case.

Navigating juvenile court

If your child is facing a juvenile charge, the Lebanon criminal defense attorney team at Henry & Beaver can help you through the complex juvenile justice system. When your child Is facing a juvenile charge, there are a lot of things to consider.

Your child also has the right to a trial. The team at Henry & Beaver can help you identify any viable defenses you may have in your child’s case. In some cases, it’s wise to exercise your trial rights. At each stage of the case, the experienced Lebanon juvenile attorneys at Henry & Beaver, LLP can help you and your child understand your options and make the best possible choices for your child’s future.

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